Pomodoro Room - Your Ultimate Work Focus Buddy (Notion)

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Introducing the Pomodoro Room - Your Ultimate Work Focus Buddy! 🍅 This fantastic template is designed to create a distraction-free environment for you to power through your tasks or brainstorm effectively. Say goodbye to wasted time and hello to a world of enhanced productivity! Get ready to conquer your goals effortlessly with our exceptional Pomodoro Timer Template. It's free :)

The template includes everything you need to get started with the pomodoro technique:

  • Pomodoro Timer
  • To-do List
  • Notes Database - Dump your notes and review after the session.
  • Easily customizable and add in your own needs and features.

I hope you'll give it a try and see how it can help you accomplish your goals.


1. Is it safe to buy from haonmade?

Yes, your payment details are not stored anywhere when you buy on Gumroad. We don't have access to your credit card information—only a token that represents your credit card. The same goes for your PayPal details. That means if your Gumroad account, or even Gumroad itself, were compromised, nobody would gain access to your payment data.

2. How I will receive a template?

After your purchase, you'll receive an access link to the Notion template. Simply duplicate it to your Notion workspace and start using it right away.

3. Do I need to pay to use Notion?

The majority of Notion users in the community find the free plan to be sufficient, with hardly any obstacles. It's ideal for individual use, offering minimal restrictions. And when your business needs a collaborative workspace, upgrading to premium can be an option.

4. Can I resell haonmade's templates?

Our templates are strictly for individual use only, tied to the email you use for purchase. Kindly refrain from reselling or redistributing them without our explicit permission. Thank you for your understanding.

5. Can I have a refund if I don't like the template?

Refunds for physical products typically involve returning the item, but with digital products, once downloaded, they cannot be retrieved. Therefore, our digital products are non-refundable. However, if you encounter any issues with our products, please send us feedback so we can improve. If necessary, we'll happily provide an amended update. Thank you for your understanding.

6. I have more questions.

You can send your questions to haonmade@gmail.com. I'd be glad to respond.

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Pomodoro Room - Your Ultimate Work Focus Buddy (Notion)

30 ratings
I want this!